EcoTeam NGO was founded in February, 1995, registered on May 05, 1995 with the Ministry of Justice of RA.
Date of re-registration: December 11, 2000; June 24, 2005 with the State Register of RA.
After second re-registration in 2005 full name of organization:
Ecoteam - Energy and Environmental Consulting NGO, in short NGO EcoTeam.
Certificate of registration N 03A069129 updated on 13.10.2016 with State Register of RA.

Chairman: Dr. Artashes Sargsyan.
    Members of Board:
  1. Dr. Artashes Sargsyan (member of board)
  2. Dr. Robert Kharazyan (member of board)
  3. Dr. Tsatryan Vaghan (member of board)
  4. Armen Adikhanyan (member of board)
Number of members: 11. Number of volunteers: 6.


Member of International Network for Sustainable Energy INFORSE

Member of Eastern Partnership Civil Society Forum   EaP CSF  

Member of EaP CSF Armenian National Platform   EaP CSF ANP

Citizens United for Renewable Energy and Sustainability (CURES), Germany

Climate Action Network Europe CAN EUROPE

Associated Member of European Small Hydropower
Association (Brussels) ESHA